.. this statue was indeed situated over the entrance of the Malefiz House

The law system of those days was the CCC

(Cautio Criminalis Carolina) by Emperor Charles V.

Various official complaints against the Bamberg Witch Justice were negociated in front of the highest german court house in Speyer - with the result that the so called letters of self-conduct were in vain ... the victimes had already confessed and been burned.

The highest court house of Emperor Ferdinand was the so called Reichskammergericht in Vienna.

There are 15 documented complaints against the Bamberg witch justice left --- no other town ever had such an amount of complaints in front of this court.

The town with the second most complaints was Vaduz in Liechtenstein (8 complaints).

There is written proof, that one victim was tortured more than 30 times.

Instead of “ ending a torture session” they just interrupted the procedure and repeated it, as often as they wanted.

Adolescents were tortured as well as pregnant women.

There were no advocats allowed in any of the cases.

The confiscation of the belongings of the victims was illegal.

22 young girls between seven and twelve years were burned.

One witness for denunciation was just 5 years old.

When the High Court (Reichshofrat) in Vienna demanded the original files of the witch-commision, the Fox of Dornheim let his writers make copies and send them to Vienna.

The falsifikates were produced by order of the prince bishop.