Dr. Friedrich Förner

Born in1570 in Weismain (Oberfranken) Died on Dezember 5 th, 1630 in Bamberg. Förner was studying in Würzburg and in Rome at the “Collegium Germanicum”.

Prince bishop Neidthard of Thüngen (1591-98) formed his clerical career: he became Kanonikus, Domprediger, Pfarrvikar and spiritual council.

Under Prince bishop Johann Gottfried of Aschhausen (1609-22) Förner became 1610 Generalvicar and 1612 Suffragan-Bishop.

Friedrich Förner was seen upon being the “Soul of the counter-reformation in the Hochstift of Bamberg”, but he was as well a fanatic witch hater and published his witch prayers in written form as flyers.

Reports from the year 1622 show, that Friedrich Förner was also responsible for the exorcism on KUNIGUNDT KRETZIN, but before they could start the procedure she died in the so called “Büttelstube” - some sort of torture chamber.