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3D-reconstruction of The MALEFIZ HOUSE - torture prison of the catholic inquisition - 1627 - 1632

This documentation is the work of a private team, and as otherwise there isn´t any relevant research on the mysterious torture prison of the catholic inquisition, this is literally the only source of information about the Malefiz House of the Prince-Bishop Johann Georg II Fox of Dornheim.

This prison - in form of a church - was inaugurated in the winter of 1627 -
it was closed in february 1632 and it was torn down approximately in the year 1635.

We have laid great emphasis on authentic implementation - with no line we try to exaggerate this human catastrophe of the 17 th-century. All sources used are specified correctly and the number of casualties we have taken from the only scientific work about this time, of Dr. Brigitte Gehm. (The witch hunts in the Bishopric of Bamberg and the intervention of the Reichshofrat to its completion - 2002)

The existence and the cruel torture methods that were applied over approximately 54 months in this prison are documented in several hundred original document files that are nowadays located in the State Library and State Archives of Bamberg.

In the Malefiz House hundreds of men, women and children were tortured so cruelly and methodically, that they even denounced their own family members before then - almost without exception - "they were burnt to powder and ashes".

thumb|398px|left|The witch prison - architecture + function The extent of the three waves of witch persecution in the Archdiocese of Bamberg was so unique, that there is no comparable example in the history.

Bamberg became the center of the Catholic witch-hunt - and although the inner city core, since 1993 was declared as a U.N.E.S.C.O-World Heritage Site, there is no visible working up of the mass murder of the Catholic Church - but the Malefiz House was definitely situated within the historic city limits.

Anyone who wants to understand the unique history of the city of Bamberg, cannot ignore and censor any longer he dark past, and - the people who visit the city must have a real chance to experience the unpopular truth and the innocent victims deserve a respectful remembrance.