3 factors were ending the witch persecution in Bamberg:

  • On Dezember, 5th 1630 Vicebishop Dr. Friedrich Förner died in Bamberg.
  • 15 formal petitions against the witch policy of Bamberg complained againt the prince bishop´s witch justice.
  • After Zeil was conquered by the swedish troops in november of 1631, the official protocol shows that 5 witches and magicians have been freed from their jail in Zeil. Among them was Kunigunda U. von Schmachtenberg - who was also tortured in the bath of hot slaking lime.

The swedish troops under General Horn were conquering Bamberg in February of 1632 - shortly before that, the last 10 victims were set free from the Malefiz House. They had to swear, not to say anything about their time in the Malefiz House. The Fox of Dorheim fled via Forchheim and Vienna to his exil in Spital am Pyrhm in Austria.

Note: The Fox of Dorheim has also studied law - and he was very well aware about the legal consequences of his acts. The risk of being attacked by the emperors army was not very likely to happen. In oppostion of that the Fox of Dornheim was a valuable ally in the war against the swedish troops. This results in the conclusion, that the attack of the swedish troops was the reason for the end of the Bamberg witch persecution.